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It’s an all-in ball-bouncing race to the highest score!

Play this fast-paced game of skill vs. strategy one on one or in teams of two.

Introducing the perfect party game for Tipsy adults or family fun. It’s an all-in ball-bouncing race to the highest score loaded with offense and defense moves. Bounce your balls in the top two bowls to score the most points and collect your opponents’ balls as they miss and bounce them in the bottom bowl to take their points away.

Practice your trick shots and get the ball in the top tube for the instant win. But watch out! If you knock the stack over it is an instant loss. Easily stacks and stores with a lid for portability and on-the-go fun. Each game comes with three stacking bowls, 12 balls (6 teal, 6 green), lid, and instructions. This is the perfect game to play one on one or in teams.


How to Play:

Just stack bowls and start bouncin’.



Bounce your team’s ballz into the upper bowls for +1 or +2 points.



Bounce your opponent’s ballz into the lower bowl for -1 point.



Sink your ballz into the top tube for an instant win!


Watch Out! Don’t knock the stack over – it’s an instant loss!

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