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All fun and whimsy, when it comes to Flappie the Mini Soft Bat stuffed animal, there's nothing to fear from DOUGLAS' playful take on this famous creature of the night! One look into his lively, dark eyes and you'll be spirited away on a fantastical nighttime adventure. Borne aloft on velvety soft wings, the wind ruffles his coat of cuddly gray plush fur as Flappie darts and dives through the sky. The cupped shape of Flappie's ears allows him to listen intently for the location of the tiny flying insects he hunts for his dinner. Once the aerial acrobatics are done, Flappie the plush Bat needs a warm, safe place to curl up and nap. Give this cuddly creature a home with you and he'll provide hours of playtime fun and companionship!
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