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Fom Mania Quickshot Fom Blaster

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Introducing Fom Mania, the first kid powered Fom line brought right to your backyard! Become Foam Maniacs and get your foam battle on! This all-new foam blaster sprays foam using a simple pump action! It’s easy-to-use, doesn’t require batteries, and blasts over 30 shots of thick fluffy foam with each fill.

Each Fom Mania Quickshot 2 Pack comes with two Quickshot Foam blasters and two 4 fl. oz. bottles of foam concentrate – making enough solution to fill each blaster 8 times! This is the perfect toy for birthday gifts for boys and girls for outdoor fun.

Ages 5years and up and no assembly required. Clean up is easy: take out the hose and wash it away or wait for it to disappear on its own within a few hours. Either method is safe for the environment - but for best lawn care we recommend washing it away.

This is not your little brothers water, bubble or dart blaster - it is time to level up to FOM and get ready to play!

Only 2 left (get it while it lasts)
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