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Jurassic World Dino Dig Triceratops

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Go on a hunt for evidence of dinosaurs! With this STEM kit, you can play the part of a paleontologist by investigating these fascinating creatures that once roamed Earth. Use your special hammer and chisel tools to carefully excavate models of a fossilized Triceratops skeleton, a replica Velociraptor claw, and a figurine of the ferocious Giganotosaurus from the Jurassic World films. Assemble the Triceratops skeleton and then put these specimens on permanent display in your own dinosaur exhibit. The Velociraptor claw can also be worn on an included cord as a necklace. Learn about how fossils are formed and fun facts about each of the dinosaurs.

  • 3-in-1 excavation kit
  • Assemble your own Triceratops skeleton
  • Velociraptor claw replica
  • Giganotosaurus figurine
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