Lava Lamp Erupting Crater 14.5"

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The 2049 is the 14.5″ LAVA® Lamp Erupting Crater that provides a vibrant and magnificent sight that makes you feel as if you were looking into an active volcano. Illuminate your mood as the wax blobs split, collide and ooze their way up and down the trademark-shaped globe for a calming, groovy, flow state of mind.

With so many design options to choose from, it is no wonder LAVA lamp has captivated for nearly 60 years. There is a style to fit every room, mood and personality. Lava lamp produces a soft warm light and mesmerizing visuals of ever changing, moving wax, gently rising up and down. Amber wax / red liquid / erupting volcano decal on aluminum base and cap. Includes 25 Watt light bulb. Plugs into a power outlet.


  • Item Size: 14.5″ H
  • LAVA® Lamp produces a soft warm light and mesmerizing visuals of ever changing, moving wax gently rising and falling in iconic trademarked-shaped glass globe
  • 2049 LAVA®Lamp Erupting Crater has amber-colored wax in red liquid
  • A magnificent imitation of molten magma bursting out of a volcano
  • Illuminate your mood with styles for any room and personality
  • Erupting volcano decal on aluminum base and cap
  • 25 Watt light bulb included
  • Plugs into a standard wall power outlet
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