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Squish them, twist them, can’t resist them! Get ready to squeeze up some fun with Bluey and friends with the NEW Bluey Mash’Ems Series 1! These adorable little Mash’ems pups fit perfectly into the palm of your hand and are super fun to squeeze and stretch! Can you collect them all?



There are so many ways to fidget with these Mash’ems Bluey characters! Squeeze, mash, twist, and stretch, how will YOU play with your Mash’em?



This new series of Mash’ems includes 6 Bluey characters, including Bluey Heeler, Bingo Heeler, Lucky, and an ULTRA-RARE mystery character! Collect them all for endless squishy fun!



The Bluey Mash’ems provide kids a fun sensory experience and make an excellent gift for children ages 4 and older.


  • 6 Bluey characters to collect (including an ultra-rare mystery character)
  • Squish them, twist them, can’t resist them
  • Mash’Ems is full of sets of addictively squishable friends that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are super fun to collect, squeeze and stretch.
  • For Ages 4+
  • A fun sensory experience and excellent gift for children
  • We make connecting easier with puzzles, collectibles, quality toys, and engaging games.

  • We believe play, laughter, and connection are for everyone regardless of age.

  • Play improves brain health, stimulates creativity and learning, and decreases stress.

  • Playing together enhances our connections to one another and with the natural world.