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July Magic the Gathering Events @ The Toy Box

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This July is the Month of Magic: The Gathering at the Toy Box! We're hosting events every Wednesday and Friday, all month long, and ending the month with a Bloomburrow Prerelease event! Plus, each time you play you'll earn points that count toward a month-long ranking... and at the end of the month you'll earn bonuses and prizes based on how you did throughout July!

Wednesday nights will be draft nights all month long, and then Bloomburrow Prerelease on the final Wednesday of the month:

July 10 - Murder at Karlov Manor (5:30-9pm)

July 17 - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft (5:30-9pm) 

July 24 - Outlaws of the Thunder Junction Draft (5:30-9pm)

July 31- Bloomburrow Prerelease Event! (5:30-9pm)

And we will also have FREE casual play sessions on Fridays for anyone who wants to play Commander, Standard, or learn to play Magic:

7/12 - Free Casual Play Night (Commander, standard, learn to play, etc)

7/19 - Free Casual Play Night (Commander, standard, learn to play, etc)

7/26 - Free Casual Play Night (Commander, standard, learn to play, etc)

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