Pinkie Pig Super Soft

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DOUGLAS' Super Soft Pinkie Pig stuffed animal is passionate about being pampered! Her portly shape lends itself well to lounging in your lap or snuggling in the security of your arms. With plush materials that are both lush and silky, you'll want to keep her there permanently. Pinkie's bean filled bottom and charming cloven feet will appeal to those who are looking for a plush companion who's cuddly and lifelike. A squiggly tail and oversized ears add to her sweet Piggy appeal, while Pinkie's richly hued, amber colored eyes will draw you in with their soulful depth. Treat yourself to the largest member of DOUGLAS' Pinkie Soft Pig trio, DOUGLAS' Super Soft Pinkie Pig is top tier when it comes to prize winning swine!
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