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Self Flying eBird Blue

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Self Flying eBird Blue Pigeon - Bionic Flapping Wings Flying Bird Without Remote Controller! ∙ Adjust the control yaw to the left/right to control the directions of the flying bird hovering back to you ∙ Multiple ways to fly the electric bird; 3 flying models + different angles of the head, rudder, and tail will result in different ways of flying ∙ The electronic bird is USB charging; 20 minutes charging for 20 minutes flying ∙ Available in 4 colors: Green Parrot, Blue Pigeon, Orange Phoenix, and Pink Butterfly The Package Includes: ∙ Blue Pigeon Drone X 1 ∙ USB cord X 1 How To Play: ∙ Hold the bird and lean the head up about 20°, turn the power on, and gently lift the bird forward; press the on/off button 1-3 times for 15 - 25 seconds flying period ∙ Control to hover to the left/right by adjusting the rudder; the less rubber being adjusted, the bigger flying radius ∙ Control the speed by adjusting the horizontal tail; the upper the slower Note: ∙ Smaller space for shorter period recommendation ∙ Modify the rudder and the tail to find your best fly ∙ Recommended Ages: 8+
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