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Shakewave - The Ultimate Stacking Game! Refuse-To-Stay Rollers + Rotatable Base! • Place the chalk-shaped blocks onto the rotatable game base • The higher you build, the more it wobbles • Spin the spinner for placing 1 roller, placing 2 roller, or rotating the base • Make a tower as high as possible until it collapses • A brand new of balancing & stacking games • Easy & fun family game • Vivid colors designed & high quality made • Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill and depth perception training How To Play: • Spin the spinner, and follow the instruction • Draw 1 or 2 rollers from the tote bag or turn the base • Place the roller / rotate the base & keep the tower stable and balance • Make a tower as high as possible until it collapses • The last player remaining wins! The Package Includes: • Roller (white, blue, purple 3 colors) X 24 • Game Base X 1 • Spinner X 1 • Roller Tote Bag X 1 Note: • Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts • Recommended Ages: 6+
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