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Grandpa Beck's Scheming and Skulking is an epic battle of bids that's fun for your whole family. This exciting pirate-themed card game is easy to learn, so you can begin playing in just a few minutes. There's plenty of strategy involved, so the game will remain a favorite for years of family game nights. Getting your bid just right is a dynamic challenge that makes every hand of every game dramatic and interesting. Whether you hold high cards or low cards, every hand can be a winner if you play your cards right. You're always in the game, no matter what cards you are dealt. There are 5 powerful PIRATE KING cards, an adaptable TIGRESS card, and a few JOLLY ROGER cards you can use as trumps. Beware the all-powerful SKULL KING card that may be skulking in another player's hand. This award-winning card game will always entertain and challenge players young and old. As the Skull King says, ''Ye may choose to fight, or ye may choose to flee. Scheme and Sulk to get yer bid right, and the victor you shall be.'' At Grandpa Beck's Games, we believe family game time strengthens bonds and deepens relationships. That's why we are delighted to share the games our family and friends have enjoyed. Grandpa Beck's Scheming And Skulking Is An Epic Battle Of Bids And Strategy That's Fun For The Whole Family Bid High Or Bid Low, Then Scheme Or Sulk To Make Your Strategy Work! Whether You Hold High Cards Or Low Cards, Every Hand Can Be A Winner If You Play Your Cards Right! Award-Winning Scheming And Sulking Is Fun For 2 - 6 Players Age 9 And Up, And Destined To Become Your Family's Favorite! Just One Of The Family Card Games Created And Distributed By Grandpa Beck's, Where We Share The Games Our Family Loves To Play
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